TronRock NFT Sells For $15,000 One Day After Minting

Inspired by the original EtherRocks, which have a floor price of 800 ETH ($3,000,000 USD), TronRocks or “tRocks” are one of the latest NFTs released on the Tron Network.


Like the original EtherRocks, TronRocks came shortly after the tPunks, the first widely available NFT project on Tron, and there will only ever be 100 Original TronRocks in existence.

TronRocks launched alongside, which is a new NFT Marketplace on Tron. Kraftly is similar to OpenSea, the most popular Ethereum-based NFT Marketplace. Kraftly allows anyone to connect their TRX wallet and mint an NFT on the Tron Network for 25 TRX ($2.50). Kraftly is also currently the only place you can openly buy and sell TronRocks.

The current floor price for tRocks is 50,000 TRX ($5,000 USD) and many rocks have sold around this price, but one rare blue tRock sold for 150,000 TRX ($15,000 USD) at auction. The Minting price of each tRock was 2000 TRX ($200 USD) and sold out in seconds, the mint happened on September 2nd, 2021.

TronRock NFT Sells For $15,000 One Day After Minting
TronRock NFT sells for $15,000 only one day after minting.

The original EtherRocks traded for just 1 ETH ($100 USD at the time) almost 4 years ago, the floor price is now 800 ETH ($3,000,000 USD) and has been rising. Will the same thing happen with these “rare” TronRocks? Some holders seem to think so.

One reason TronRocks are so popular is because they are NFT ID #s 0–99. These are the first NFTs ever created on the Kraftly NFT smart contract. Each new NFT created is given a higher number than the last NFT. The most recent NFT ID #s are in the 1300s. Some buyers claim these low ID #s will be super rare and valuable when millions of NFTs are issued on the Kraftly smart contract.

Others say they just like the art or they want to own a rock because it feels like being part of an elite club. Whatever their reason, most tRock holders aren’t letting their rocks go easily. Most rocks that are listed are listed from hundreds of thousands to millions or even tens of millions of dollars on Kraftly.



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