TRON founder Justin Sun to serve as advisor to Chinese national economic authorities

Justin Sun was appointed to be an advisor to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), a macroeconomic management agency in China. He’s also been appointed to the editorial board of Information China, an authoritative state-backed journal.


The NDRC is a state council for comprehensive research, high-level social and economic development and management which guides overall economic system reform of mainland China, and is known as the “mini-state council.”

TRON is one of the top and most representative public blockchains in China and has been steadily receiving more attention from government agencies and institutions. The NDRC has entered into a partnership with TRON to help advance China’s blockchain technology.

Justin Sun and TRON will be working with the NDRC, as well as the National Information Technology Commission, to help promote the development of China’s information industry in the blockchain field. He will serve on the editorial board of Information China Magazine until December 31st, 2021, an authoritative magazine obligated to provide China state authorities with solutions based on the trends in information technology, and to help catalyze the development of China’s digital information industry.

The appointment of Justin Sun to the editorial board, which usually consists of government officials and industry leaders, exhibits the recognition of Justin Sun and TRON by Chinese state authorities as a leader in the Blockchain industry.

In October of 2019, President Xi Jinping of China emphasized “leveraging blockchain to make core technological breakthroughs” and “accelerating innovation in blockchain technology and businesses.” He also stated that it is necessary to “cultivate a group of leading figures and high-level innovation teams.”

This partnership with NDRC is held with much value by TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun, who states:

“2020 has been a fruitful year for TRON,” said Justin, “This year, we officially launched the new BitTorrent X ecosystem and the world’s first decentralized live-streaming protocol DLive Protocol, which has been through decades of research and development. We also entered into a partnership with Huawei, one of the world’s largest Android device manufacturers.

In addition, we not only took advantage of this year’s DeFi boom, but took a step further by creating a TRON DeFi empire with the diverse JUST ecosystem, which includes the USDJ stablecoin, cross-chain assets BTC/ETH on TRON, the liquidity mining project JustSwap, the JustLend lending platform, among multiple other outstanding projects.

Our metrics for the number of MainNet accounts and transactions have surpassed Ethereum and EOS multiple times. With strong throughput, fast transfers and other strengths in performance as well as negligibly low fees,TRON is becoming one of the most widely used networks.

Our stablecoin TRC20-USDT now has a net worth value of $6.8 billion, while it was only $900 million at the beginning of this year. Hopefully the new year will start with $6.8 billion and end at $50 billion.

As a public chain project committed to building a China industry standard, it makes me both gratified and aware of the heavy responsibility on my shoulders by seeing TRON receive recognition and favor by national publications and platforms. With blockchain continuing to display good momentum and Bitcoin exceeding the $34,000 mark, it is without question that the upcoming 2021 will be a turning point for the industry to return to the mainstream. The journey next year will undoubtedly be spectacular, and TRON and I will continue to go all in. I hope that by this time next year, TRON will grow into an irreplaceable, unrivaled public chain and shine on the global blockchain stage on behalf of Chinese public chains.”

This partnership is likely to help bring more state-backed acceptance of blockchain in China, where exchanges are currently barred from operating. Slowly but surely the Chinese government is beginning to warm up to blockchain technology and has even released a beta version of their Central Bank Digital Currency last year. TRON is one of the best positioned to take a large part of China’s market share because of their ties to the Chinese government and community, and the popularity of Justin Sun.

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