The Crypto Sniper: Bitcoin, What Peter Schiff Fails to Realize

With 30 years of experience in trading his own capital on various markets and instruments, Francis Hunt (The Crypto Sniper), successfully predicted many trends in the past utilizing the Hunt Volatility Funnel (HVF) trading methodology, a systematized approach that answers the key question — what is the next most profitable trade?

With entertaining anecdotes and careful guidance of his students, he has already trained a large community of hundreds of traders, helping them transform from newbies to seasoned trading professionals.

Francis Hunt, The Crypto Sniper

But why teach? Why not keep this method to himself?

“I genuinely love sharing my knowledge and method with others who are committed to finding freedom through trading,” Hunt stated.

“Plus, by teaching, it strengthens my own trading abilities while building a vibrant community of highly successful HVF traders who share their trade ideas to the benefit of the entire community.”

According to Hunt, the Hunt Volatility Funnel Method is superior to other trading methodologies because “it focuses on identifying key breakout trading opportunities, placing the trader in an immediate and often substantial positive position with considerably favorable reward to risk ratios throughout the trade.”

Combined with the benefit of having all key levels for the trade pre-determined including entry, take-profit, and stop-loss, this trading methodology is fully comprehensive and unique, providing a level of clarity, autonomy, and freedom to live one’s life, simply unmatched by any other trading strategy.

Because HVF provides a fully comprehensive framework for trading, students benefit from ease of mind and confidence throughout each of their trades.

“Though often overlooked by others, developing a mindset that allows a sense of control and the ability to process clearly is pivotal. In fact, it is essential to the psyche of being a successful trader,” Hunt stated.

“Our traders quickly learn to master their emotions and not fall into the trap of common mental challenges such as “Fear of Missing Out”, “Fear of Acknowledging Loss” and “The Compulsion To Trade”. This higher level of emotional control gives our traders the freedom and clarity of mind needed to make decisions with fewer mistakes and higher profits.”

For more information on the Crypto Sniper and his classes, you can find him on Twitter @TheCryptoSniper, and on his website

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