Original TronApes NFT Collection Minting on September 15th

Original TronApes NFT Collection Minting on September 15th

FansForever.io, the first NFT auction house on TRON, is dropping their first unique generative NFT mint on September 15th, 2021, called TronApes!

FansForever auctioned the first NFT on TRON, the song Lullaby by Lindsay Lohan sold for 1,000,001 TRX ($64,000 at the time) earlier this year.

FansForever began as a curated market, but now they’ve opened their doors to all creators and anyone can issue an NFT on FansForever.io after making an account with their Tron wallet.

TronApes will be one of the earliest unique generative art collections issued with the TRC-721 standard on the TRON network.

Generative art is a popular trend in NFT art where the art is, in part or in whole, created by a computer. Like many other collections, TronApes are drawn by hand but the different apes are generated with random traits by a computer.

TronApes is FansForever’s first original collection and will have 10,001 apes in the collection. Each will be minted for a price of 1000 TRX, which is about the same as other mints have charged on TRON.

There will be four types of rare TronApes:

Justin Sun Mega Ape ⅓

Zombie Ape

Alien Ape

Gold Ape

Several big Tron accounts on Twitter have been posting about TronApes and the mint is expected to sell out in under an hour.

The minting will take place on September 15th, 2021, the exact time is to be determined.

If you love the apes as much as we do then keep an eye on @thefandao Twitter for more information and to get the link which will take you to a special page on FansForever.io for minting the apes!

We will also post more information on our own twitter @blckchaindaily

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