Bitcoin Breaks $20,000 as Crypto Markets Prepare to go Vertical

Exactly 3 years after hitting it’s all time high price of just under $20,000, Bitcoin has finally made a new all time high, reaching $20,800 at press time.

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With Bitcoin breaking all time highs, some analysts believe that it is the beginning of a much larger bull run, which will take the entire cryptocurrency market to significantly higher prices.

Trader ‘Intuit’ who called the very beginning of the 2017 bull run believes that Bitcoin could go as high as $1,000,000 this cycle, while some other cryptocurrencies could make even larger gains on a percentage basis.

Based on his meticulous wave analysis, he also believes that Ethereum could reach over $100,000, XRP could reach over $100, and that TRON could reach over $45. This would be a 160x, a 200x, and a 1300x gain respectively.

Compared to a 50x gain in Bitcoin, some cryptocurrencies could significantly outperform bitcoin during this cycle, similar to what happened in 2017.

Intuit expects this cycle will take about a year or two to play out. After this cycle is finished we will see a major crash, possibly even bigger than crashes which have happened in the past.

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